B2B Marketing: Same Game, Different Rules…Incredible Results

Marketers find it easier to apply the trusted tenets of B2C marketing to B2B selling. Naturally they end up with disastrous results because of B2B marketing’s more complex and lengthier buying cycle. While some basic rules apply, B2B marketing is quite different and needs different tactics. It demands marketing involvement for a longer time, and with more specificity.

What else makes B2B marketing different? What should marketers change to get more results from B2B campaigns? How can a B2B marketer connect with customers and leverage innovation to drive business growth?

Discover this and more with Sean Geehan, author of the recent bestseller – ‘The B2B Executive Playbook’, as he talks about game-changing B2B marketing strategies and tips.

Join our webinar for a chance to engage directly with Geehan, as well as other marketing professionals. Don’t miss this insightful discussion on:

  • Unraveling the differences between B2B and B2C
  • Increasing marketing’s credibility with the Leadership team
  • Aligning strategies to market needs
  • Engaging & leveraging your most valuable customers
  • Achieving sustainable, predictable and profitable growth

Sean Geehan

Sean Geehan is the author of the National Bestseller,
The B2B Executive Playbook, - first book in the market to exclusively focus on running a B2B company. Sean is also the CEO and Founder of Geehan Group, a leading professional services company.

About the Speaker

About Regalix

We are an award-winning Global Co-Innovation company that leverages technology and marketing to help companies grow. We create successful ventures with our clients through co-innovation and idea-driven frameworks that inspire companies to think different. We bring ideas to life by envisioning new companies, developing brands, engineering products, and designing technology platforms. Founded in 1998, Regalix is based in Palo Alto. Our Silicon Valley setting has enabled us to stay ahead of emerging trends in digital technology and marketing.

For over a decade, we have provided complete marketing services – Social, Mobile, Content, Multi-channel Campaigns, Technology Development, and Analytics – to companies such as CA Technologies, Citi, Apple, eBay, Cisco, VMWare, NetApp, Cypress, LSI, Keynote, and MetricStream.

With more than 20 years of extensive experience in the areas of leadership, strategy, sales, marketing and product development, Sean is the recognized expert on B2B leadership, executive market engagement programs and integrating innovation into the strategic planning process to drive long-term and predictable business results.

Sean is the recipient of the prestigious Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year” award and has been inducted into the E&Y National Hall of Fame.

Forrester Research Reports reveals that

Business-to-business (B2B) marketing budgets are set to rise 6% in 2014. An emphasis on accountability and smart spending will lead to bigger bets on marketing technology. According to the report, 61% of marketers expect to increase the proportion of technology spend versus marketing communication/program spend. The technology can help marketers prove their programs' return on investment by tracking prospects' engagement during the buying process.

Check out these latest
B2B Marketing statistics

  • 87% marketers plan to increase their budget allocation towards Digital Marketing in the next twelve months (Source: Regalix Research)
  • 83% marketers believe that Email will continue to be the most effective distribution channel in their marketing mix, followed by Events and Search Engines (Source: Regalix Research)
  • B2B marketers expect to see budgets increase by 6% (Source: Forrester)
  • 61% of B2B marketers say they will spend more than 25% of their 2014 budget on Digital Platforms
    (Source: Adage)

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